Street in the Sun

An Overcast Street
Sadly, this particular street wasn’t in the sun the day I took this photo, nor is there any sun to be seen today. Yet that is precisely why I chose this photo for today. It’s the literary hope for things to come. On such a wet, miserable day as it is today, the dream of spring sunshine seems like exactly that: a dream.

This bit of wall art/poetry translates roughly to:
A street in the sun, and from an open window, your favorite music

There was no music at all that day, but the open window was still a nice touch. It’s certainly a lovely thought that brings to mind warm, happy, summer days. There are other buildings in that general block near the Wittevrouwensingel that have further bits of writing.
Hidden Words
This one says:
It was the morning
it was light
The sun rose
and we looked out
over the back gardens
of the city
it was summer

Unfortunately, I can’t make out the last line, but it’s still lovely. Dream on!

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