Birds of a Feather

Bird Talk 16.365
The historic buildings along the Drift canal are going to have to wait another day, but since I am supposed to be offering daily photos of Utrecht, here’s one I took of a couple of pigeons yesterday. Just a chat between buurmannen (neighbors) or is that buurvogelen? 😉 They were perched on the railing of the small private bridge of sorts that connects the building to the street across a small canal.

7 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

  1. They look like a pair of gossip-y, cranky old birds to me.

    Bird # 1: Alright, don’t look now but someone’s taking our picture.
    Bird # 2: Where? Oh. Hey lady, we’re not wall art, ok? We’re real birds! Go on, shoo!

    Definitely cranky.

    • Oh, I’m sure they were talking about me. 😉 Well, me and my dog, who was with me. I’m sure they were really unhappy about that particular buitenlander!

  2. Bird One “Oh Oh Mabel, here come the paparazzi again!”
    Bird Two ” Oh I know Ethel, just can’t escape them these days can you?”
    Bird One” Do you think Mabel we can distract her from who’s house we were just leaving?”
    Bird Two ” worry less about that Ethel and more about the fact that your feathers need straightening, fix yourself up, quick!”
    Bird One: Thanks Mabel, done… do I look hung over?”
    Bird Two ” Ethel, you always look hung over”
    Bird One: ” Mabel belt up and smile!”
    Bird Two: “Ethel, I AM smiling”
    Bird One: ” Mabel, does she have my good side?”
    Bird Two ” yep.. think so… just keep grinning!”

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