Drift 15

A few weeks ago, I posted about the chimney on Keizerstraat that was part of a goldsmith/silversmith foundry run by the Brom Brothers. In doing some further reading, I discovered that a building on the next street over — along the Drift canal — was essentially the drawing room/technical office of the Broms. The building itself, dates back to the 1600s, I believe, and the Brom family simply renovated the facade of the building in the early 1900s. The renovation was done by architect P.J. Houtzagers. The hall of the building was redone in the Art Nouveau style, and it would seem that some of the hall’s renovation was done with the help of one of Houtzager’s students at the time, Gerrit Rietveld!

There’s a stone marker on the front of the building. You can see it in detail here. It was placed there to commemorate the Brom family and jeweler Leo Brom, the last of the Brom goldsmiths.

The building is an official monument now, although it is also still in use by Utrecht University. It currently houses the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights, a research institute of the School of Law.