A Hill

A Hill
Utrecht — and much of the Netherlands — is a flat place. Not a lot of hills or mountains, so sometimes I feel like I can tell you exactly where to find any hills or slight inclines that may exist in the city center. Most, if not all, are man-made.

One of the interesting things about most of these hills, though, is that they represent the location of some of the old city walls that protected the old city. In fact, this particular hill really is a leftover from the old walls. A small segment of the wall still exists just behind where I was standing when I took this photo.

3 thoughts on “A Hill

  1. I wonder if you’ve heard of this Dutch saying?:
    “When a Dutchman wants a hill he digs a hole!”
    .. and yes, the saying is true LOL.
    (The things that Himself passes off as “hills” are such a joke), I mean if you can climb it in one minute or less, it might just possibly be a “Dune” sweetie, but it’s NOT by any stretch of the imagination, a real hill!!!”

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