Day in the Sun

Sunny Universe 28.365
Look at all that blue! And that’s a photo taken today! That cloudless blue sky couldn’t have come at a better time! Well, it could stick around this weekend so that I can further enjoy it, especially since I’m a bit too tired after a late night out last night to truly get out and appreciate it, but I’ve still enjoyed it today.

The blue banners are for the Rietveld Universum exhibit at the Centraal Museum. Officially, it’s supposed to end this weekend, but I believe it has been extended for two more weeks, so if you’re in Utrecht and haven’t been yet, you should definitely go! I’m planning on going this weekend, either tomorrow or Sunday. I believe the exhibit is moving on to Rome in the spring. Appropriate, since there’s been quite a bit of cross-over and influence between Utrecht and Italy in terms of art over the years. I got to see an exhibit about the Utrecht School of painting and the influence Italian art had on it during one of my last visits to the museum.

Either later today or tomorrow, I’ll post about The Phoenix Foundation concert we went to last night. For now I’ll simply saw that it was absolutely fantastic and I’m so glad I got to see them again.

3 thoughts on “Day in the Sun

  1. I don’t know about there in Utrecht, but here in Zwolle, the sun decided not to stay for very long… and I am beginning to feel the lack of it!
    I still have to visit the Centraal Museum in Utrecht. I just hope I can get a ride there one of these days. I am actually waiting for the weather to improve to restart my “stadswandelingen” again…

  2. Sadly, the sun was short-lived here, as well. It was gone Sunday, so while I did take some photos yesterday, they would have been much nicer with a bit of sun and blue skies!

    The Centraal Museum is definitely worth a visit. I’ve only seen bits and pieces, mainly for specific exhibits, but I do want to go back and look at other stuff, in more detail. I finally got my museumkaart yesterday, so now I can!

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