Queen Bea


Today marks the 73rd birthday of Queen Beatrix, making her one of the oldest Dutch heads of state. Only King Willem III reached the same age while on the throne: he died in 1890 at the age of 73. She took the throne when her mother, Queen Juliana, abdicated at the age of 70. Beatrix was 42 at the time. She may be one of the oldest monarchs in Dutch history, but she’s a spring chicken compared to some other European monarchs. Those in Belgium, Spain, Norway and the United Kingdom are all older than her. And she wears a hat like nobody’s business!

Still, I find myself wondering if she’ll be sitting in a birthday circle at some point today.

Stijlish Bicycles

De Stijl Fietsen
I haven’t been doing so well with the daily photos the past few days, in part due to other distractions. Yesterday, we (finally) went to the Rietveld Universum exhibit at the Centraal Museum. It was an excellent exhibit, which I shall write more about when I’m feeling a bit more chatty. Today, I just don’t feel like I can write about any of the topics I want to write about and do them justice. So for now, enjoy this colorful photo of the bicycles that are decorated in the colors associated with De Stijl and Rietveld. They’re available for use at the museum to visit other locations. Now I’m considering giving my own bike a bit of a new paint job!