Stijlish Bicycles

De Stijl Fietsen
I haven’t been doing so well with the daily photos the past few days, in part due to other distractions. Yesterday, we (finally) went to the Rietveld Universum exhibit at the Centraal Museum. It was an excellent exhibit, which I shall write more about when I’m feeling a bit more chatty. Today, I just don’t feel like I can write about any of the topics I want to write about and do them justice. So for now, enjoy this colorful photo of the bicycles that are decorated in the colors associated with De Stijl and Rietveld. They’re available for use at the museum to visit other locations. Now I’m considering giving my own bike a bit of a new paint job!

4 thoughts on “Stijlish Bicycles

  1. Nice..but I don’t get it, why is the museum giving you bicycles? Where are you supposed to go with them? Or is that just a Dutch thing? You get a bicycle with everything.

    “oh yes sir, so that’s one hamburger, fries and a coke…would you like a bicycle with that?”

    • I think the bicycles are so you can visit other museum-run spots, specifically the Rietveld-Schroder Huis. They have a bus service, I think, but I think they’ve also added the bikes. To be honest, I know I’ve read about the bikes, but not having used them, I don’t remember the details. I think you also may be able to use them to bike around and see Rietveld’s other buildings here in the city.

  2. Oh I see, that all suddenly makes sense. I had a feeling I was asking a slightly dumb question.

    Hopefully I get to see all that myself when I visit Utrecht to see the house, whenever that will be!

    • I didn’t exactly explain it clearly, either. Just because I know about the different locations, etc., doesn’t mean anyone else will. 😉 I don’t know if they’ll keep the bikes or not. Technically, the exhibit ended yesterday, but it’s been extended for two extra weeks. They still have the house, though, so they may well keep the bike tour option. Makes sense!

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