Daily Life

I’m afraid I’ve been slacking again with the blogging and photographing and the general keeping up on things. Part of it has been sinuses, part of it has been having a life, and part of it is trying to get more work. For example, this weekend I went to a friend’s Tet (Vietnamese new year) party and had a wonderful time, while today I’ve been trying to wrestle my resumé and MS Word into submission. As a result, I don’t really feel like doing more research into some of the buildings and other interesting sites around town. So today you’ll have to make do with this photo taken along the Drift canal. I’ve posted recently about some of the other buildings along the Drift, buildings which technically can be seen in this photo. I love the rows of black shutters in the foreground, and if you look in the very far distance, you can actually see the apse of the cathedral. Of course, there’s also the ubiquitous cyclist and rows of bikes. I think outdoor photos would look strange to me now without them! Still, it’s nice to stop and appreciate having this be a normal street scene for me. I count myself lucky!

1 thought on “Daily Life

  1. They are very nice builidings, indeed. As for the bikes – I love them! And when we take photos with my husband, you can always tell who took which, because mine would always include bikes, while hubbie tries to avoid them 😀

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