The Nieuwegracht and The Domtoren

Nieuwegracht en de Domtoren
I’m still working on resumés and getting approved at various writing/freelance sites, so here’s a photo I took the other weekend at the end of the Nieuwegracht (the new canal … that dates to the 1300s) looking toward the Domtoren (the cathedral tower). It’s a lovely street to wander along, admiring all the old buildings.

4 thoughts on “The Nieuwegracht and The Domtoren

  1. Alison: One word for the resumés etc “Success!”
    (explanation for readers unacquainted with Dutch, this is the word we use when we want to wish someone “Good Luck!”)

  2. I like these quiet streets in Utrecht – they are indeed very nice to walk around.
    If the Nieuwegracht dates from the 1300s, then what about the Oudegracht?
    Good luck in your job hunting! 😀

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