Bikes and Rain

Bicycle Rain Coat 33.365
We had a couple of days of real sunshine this week! Amazing!

Unfortunately, we’re now back to rain and more rain. And rain again.

So, since I’m a bit distracted with other tasks, I figured I’d post this simple photo, which is a regular sight in the Netherlands. Bike seats covered with plastic bags. Some people use the bags to hide the fact that they have a nice (expensive!) bicycle seat. Others use the bags to try to protect their rear end from the unsightly, uncomfortable and embarrassing wet tush effect that comes from riding a bicycle seat that has had time to soak up all of the rain. Usually the bags are plain white ones, as you can see, but I was particularly taken with this bike pairing because of the more stylish/graphic art element to the bag in the front. It’s a nice little pop of color and design on a rainy day.

7 thoughts on “Bikes and Rain

  1. Nice catch. We’ve been having some really gloomy mornings. I think today is the first time the sun showed it’s face.

    Btw, I do miss photo Vrijdag. I sorta got used to checking it at the end of the week.

    On a totally separate matter..what a great dad! 😀

    • Unfortunately, we’ve got more rain again today, which is particularly disheartening, since a friend from the US is visiting today and I was hoping to show her Utrecht in the sunshine!

      The Utrecht daily photo thing isn’t working out that well, so I am tempted just to go back to the photo vrijdag. I’m much more likely to get that done, without feeling the same pressure to do as much research.

      And yeah, my dad’s pretty cool. 😉

  2. Goed gezien! 😀 Though I’ve seen this trick before, I actually never stopped to consider the inconvenience it must be to ride sitting on a wet bicycle seat. Can you tell I don’t ride bikes, except on sunny days in the summer and just for fun? 😀
    Here in Z. I was surprised to see that the sun was shining this morning. Hope it stays that way at least until I get back from my stroll.

    • I fully admit in this case that it was not my own bum that was threatened by a wet seat. I don’t ride my bike enough at all for that to be an issue. G, on the other hand, has made use of the plastic bag trick, in part because of me noticing it and suggesting it.

      I’m envious of your sunshine. We’re still grey today, although it’s not raining yet. I may try to get out and go for a bit of a walk — at least to drop off the plastic recycling!

  3. Well, I spoke too soon, I’m afraid! THe rest of the day was rather on the gray side…. Of course, the minute I got back from our little tour, the sun came out again! Isn’t it typical!

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