Wishful Thinking

Rare Sunshine 39.365
Look at that pure blue sky and that beautiful sunshine! Wonderful, isn’t it!

Too bad that was last week. This week is heavy on the rain and darkness again. In fact, I went out for a while on Saturday, and this was the extent of the brightness.
Oudegracht 43.365
Not really the same, is it. Supposedly, we’re supposed to have some sunshine later this week. I’m not going to hold my breath, but I’m not going to give up hope completely, either. After all, the flowers are starting to pop up in Zocher Park. Surely a bit of sunshine can’t be too far off!

16 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking

    • It’s this time of year when the lack of sunshine really starts getting to me. It seems to sap all energy from me and I end up in a lethargic funk. I want to go out and do stuff, but I can’t drum up the energy to do anything. So yeah, I’m really hoping we do get that sunshine!

  1. I feel your pain, and lack of sunshine… but surly if the flowers are starting to poke though then Spring is somewhere on the way… and the days are getting just that tiny bit longer too.
    Let’s hope for sunshine soon!

  2. Despite the typical Dutch winter weather, I’m more than happy to notice the days are getting longer and longer. One small consolation in a rather dreary season.

    • I LOVE the long days during the summer, even if it does mean that it’s bright out at 4:30 in the morning! I can’t wait for the days when I barely need to use the electric lights at all! That reminds me, though; I need to go see the Trajectum Lumen (art light installations around town) soon, while dusk still comes at a reasonable hour! During the summer, I think the lights are only on for about an hour!

      • ITA, the long summer days are just marvelous. I guess that’s why I love the spring, days are getting longer, (usually) better weather, flowers blooming etc, it truly does feel like everything and everyone is slowly waking up from the winter funk.

        Sigh. I’ll have to hold on to that for a few more months. 😉

  3. Is it getting to you as well? January and February are usually months when I feel a bit trapped here – everything tends to look dreary and grey and gloomy! It’s also not an ideal time of the year to be in my home town either (too warm) otherwise I’d travel to Argentina at this time of the year.

    • I remember this time of year first bothering me when I was working in an office where there were no windows, so I would go to work in the dark and come home in the dark and I was absolutely miserable. Here, I have windows, but there’s not much light coming through them sometimes. Today, though, we’ve got actual sunshine! I’m feeling perkier already!

  4. I just watched the news and supposedly tomorrow there will be sun! I need it so badly. It’s around this time that I can’t stand living here and I want to chuck everything out the window and head home..lol Here’s hoping we get more sunny days and a nice warm and sunny summer!

    • My parents have had more snow and ice than we’ve had, so I’m not sure I’d trade with them! I’ve enjoyed today’s sunshine, though, and hope it sticks around!

  5. There was a small window of sunny weather in Amsterdam today. I’m looking forward to when we get it on a more permanent bases. I’m already happy that it’s getting lighter in the mornings.

    • I hope today brings you more sunshine — and us, too! So far, so good. I was thrilled that we still had blue skies and some light yesterday evening closer to 6 p.m. This morning I was reminded that I really do need to make some curtains to block out the light that comes through one set of blinds in the morning!

  6. Cold and rainy in Cambridge, which doesn’t auger well for what’s headed your way in the coming days. Still, we had two days of warmer weather here which brought up lots of little snowdrop flowers in the fields.

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