A Few Photos on Friday

All that work I’ve been doing recently on the ol’ resume seems to have paid off; my proposal was chosen for one of the jobs I applied for on elance.com. So for the past few days, I’ve been editing some articles about New Zealand tourism. Who knew my interest in the country would finally pay off! The “sound of Te Awamutu had a truly sacred ring” a few decades ago when I first heard Crowded House’s song “Mean to Me”, and I’ve been curious about the country ever since.

Unfortunately, the editing work meant I didn’t get to get out and enjoy the brief bit of sunshine we had this week! All I could do was look at it out the window. Someone else who got to enjoy the sunshine was this huge bird that’s been visiting our back garden for the past couple of weeks.
Big Bird
My cat Lola has been glued to the windows in the kitchen, watching this bird — possibly bigger than Lola herself — flitting from bike to branch to brick.

The weather isn’t looking too promising this weekend, but I’m determined to get out for at least a little while. Maybe a trip to the Saturday market, if nothing else. I need some new photos! I hope you all get to enjoy your weekend!


12 thoughts on “A Few Photos on Friday

  1. Congrats on the editing work and great that you love Kiwi stuff too (like I might be biased? LOL)
    Hopefully the sunshine will still be around when you get outside, and you will appreciate to even more 🙂

    • You know, I’ve always meant to ask you which part of NZ you’re from?

      No sunshine this weekend, but just as well, I suppose, since in the end, I haven’t had much drive to get out and about. Of course, the sun is supposed to be back tomorrow. Maybe I’ll head out in the morning, since I don’t have too much lined up as urgent.

    • I’m envious that you’ve been to NZ and seen the penguins! I love the street signs there that warn of penguins crossing the street! I’m used to signs that warn of deer crossing.

      The bird is back in my garden right now. I’ll pass along your compliments. 😉

  2. Congrats on your editing gig! NZ definitely has my interest as well and I absolutely vow to visit one day. Just don’t ask me when. ;D

    And that is, if I’m correct, a wood pigeon. I have one that comes to visit our back yard as well, as well as a Vlaamse Gaai, aka Eurasian Jay.

    • NZ is one of those places that lots of people want to visit, but it’s so far away (for lots of us) that getting there becomes a major issue. I’m always worried that I’d go mental in a plane for that long!

      As for the bird, thanks for the clarification. I figured it was a pigeon of some sort, and I suppose it’s not that big for a pigeon; but it just seems huge! 😀

      • Yeah, the thought that you’d be flying for at least 24 hrs? So not a nice prospect. I was already going slightly bonkers when I flew to Hong Kong and that was merely 12 hrs.

        • I have trouble with the six to eight hours just going from the east coast of the US to the western edges of Europe and back. I always figured I’d rather do shorter trips to other countries along the way with enough time to enjoy a bit of sightseeing — and a break from flying! If only I had the bank account to do it! 😉

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