Things In Strange Places

Green Auto
This morning, I knew snow had been predicted as a possibility, so when I saw tweets from friends mentioning snow on rooftops, I took a look out our window to see if we’d received any. No snow (fortunately), but I did see something rather unusual. If you look closely in that photo, you’ll see that there’s a small shrub sitting on the roof of the car.

At first I thought maybe someone had simply put it up there and forgotten to move it, as happens when you have your hands full when you’re getting in or out of the car, but then I realized that with the lack of a pot and the other clumps of dirt I saw on the sidewalk, it’s perhaps a Saturday evening prank of some sort. There’s no accounting for what seems funny when some people are drunk.

Looking Into the Future
I was particularly taken with the reflections of the other trees on the car’s back window. In this shot, because of the angle, the little shrub on the rooftop seems to be looking toward its own future and seeing what it will look like when it’s all grown up.

That’s about as philosophical as I’m getting today. Now excuse me, I’ve got episodes of Being Human to catch up on, and chicken and dumplings to cook for dinner tonight.


7 thoughts on “Things In Strange Places

  1. How…random. LOL

    And I definitely saw some (very) small flurries of snow Friday, but nowhere near enough to cover *anything*.

    Now if the next few days will be like this weekend. Chilly, yes, but occasionally clear blue skies, I’ll be more than pleased.

    • The flurries I heard about did seem to have been north of Utrecht. I suppose a few flakes softly falling might have been nice to see one last time. Of course, my birthday is coming up, which means crazy weather is bound to arrive once again. Seems to be the norm for the first weeks of March!

      Today is supposed to be sunny and seems like it may just live up to the forecast. I don’t mind cold at all if it’s sunny!

    • Thanks! I agree, bare branches silhouetted are one of my favorite sights. All the tiny branches add a lovely delicacy to the heavier trunk and branches. Really beautiful!

  2. Maybe they are moving house and taking the garden with them?
    It must be a very annoying “prank” if it was taken from your garden by stranger though… the plants are expensive and may not survive being replanted.
    That said, the reflections in the window are beautiful!

    • I did wonder if they were moving, but the lack of a pot made it unlikely for this part of town. Our gardens tend to be pot gardens. 😉 I’m sure sitting out all night in the cold like that won’t help matters!

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