Exotic Scottish Cattle

The PVV is at it again. This time their rants about “immigrants” hits a bit closer to home. They’re going after the Scots, well, the Scottish cattle.

PVV turns its attention to Highland cows

Thursday 17 February 2011

The anti-Islam PVV in the province of Gelderland think ‘imported exotic’ animals such as Scottish highland cows should be sent back to where they came from, according to a report on local television station Omroep Gelderland.

Provincial election candidate Olof Wullink believes the animals should go, saying the region needs ‘our own nature’.

The comments were made in a show on Sunday but have now been picked up by the Telegraaf.

‘What we don’t like is the imported exotic animals like Highland cattle and Polish ponies. The horses should go back to Poland, the cattle to Scotland,’ Wullink said. ‘And here we should have our own nature.’

A spokesman for the Dutch nature conservation group Natuurmonumenten told the broadcaster on Thursday that the PVV´s suggestion is ´absurd´. Highland cattle make a good substitute for the original Dutch wild cattle which have since died out, the organisation said.

Political nutbags are everywhere.


4 thoughts on “Exotic Scottish Cattle

  1. When I heard this the other day, I really couldn’t roll my eyes any more for they’d roll right out of my head.

    Honestly Geert? There aren’t more pressing matters at hand?

    I just wish his voters would wise up, at least how a coalition government works and more importantly, the LAW. He’ll never get his full agenda through, since a) there’s no way he’ll gain enough support; b) some are just completely illegal.

    • Do you watch the Dutch version of The Daily Show? I was wondering if they’ve mentioned this, because when I heard about this story, I figured it was perfect for any version of The Daily Show! Honestly, it sounded more like something from The Onion. It’s just so ridiculous and not even remotely relevant to solving real issues.

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