Salty Dogs

On the Canal
Recycling here isn’t quite as easy as it was in the US, oddly enough. There’s no curbside pickup like I was used to, and to recycle plastic, we’ve got to go further than the paper and glass recycling stop that’s on the next street over. Fortunately, there’s a plastic recycle bin over by Lepelenburg Park, which means a lovely walk along the canal.

Coming back from dropping off the recycling today, I could see the wake of a boat approaching, but couldn’t see the boat behind the tree trunks. G saw me looking and started telling me about a boat he sees sometimes that has a dog accompanying the owner. Sure enough, it was them! Perfect timing!

Salty Dogs

The dog sits there quite calmly as the boat pushes the large storage hold in front of it. G said sometimes he’s seen the dog on the roof of the little cabin on the boat, but he’s always calm and seems to enjoy his life at sea, er, on the canal. He’s a lovely dog, but then I might be biased, since he’s somewhat similar in build to our dog. Regardless, it was a wonderful sight to see on a beautiful, if chilly, day.
Dogs at Work

5 thoughts on “Salty Dogs

    • Our dog Pippo is a strange one. He hated our swimming pool, but was perfectly happy to walk into a lake. I’m not sure how he’d feel about a boat! He’d probably love it if it wasn’t too difficult to get in!

  1. I’m not a doggy person, but this is priceless! Three guesses who HE thinks is “Master” of the vessel LOL!

    PLEASE DO keep up the recycling efforts, the high cost of fuel makes yet another curbside pickup bad for the environment and too costly, ….think of the good you are doing by going the few extra streets worth yourself 🙂
    We have a route to swim lessons that swings quite close by to one of the plastic recycling spots and we just build it into the weekly routine.

    Sometimes Himself just goes with it on the bike… the plastics are usually bulky but light. With plastic recycling in place our weekly rubbish bag has gone from 2.5 bags to 0.5 bags for a family of four!

    You are doing well, and the walk paid off too… great shots!

    • Oh, I’m pretty sure he’s the master of that vessel, just as our dog is the master (well, when one of the cats lets him be) of his domain, or at least our bed.

      I definitely do recycle. We’ve got three separate bags for various recycling purposes. I hate the look of them sitting out, but I’ve nowhere else to put them and I can’t imagine not recycling. I was thrilled when we finally got plastic recycling last year. We don’t have any set routines really, so we just go when the bag starts overflowing! At least it’s a lovely walk over, and I’m sure once I start riding my bike more often, I’ll end up taking it by bike occasionally.

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