Snow Revisited

When I posted the photos of Atlas yesterday, I realized I never posted the other photos of the Nieuwegracht that I took that day in December. The Nieuwegracht is beautiful, stately and charming at any time of year, but with the coating of snow, it was something special.
X Marks the Spots
I saw this man walk out to the canal with a bucket and dip it in to get water, but my camera wasn’t fast enough to get the action shot, just the before and after.
The Bucket
Just Missed
It’s a long, quiet street, filled mainly with private residences and businesses, rather than a lot of shops. It’s yin to the Oudegracht’s yang, I suppose. The Oudegracht is the more obvious tourist spot, but the Nieuwegracht is definitely worth a wander if you visit. After all, both of them have the famous below-street-level wharves that are somewhat unusual.
Along the Nieuwegracht

7 thoughts on “Snow Revisited

  1. These photos are great, especially the first one… it has a sense of peace and tranquility that has been beautifully captured and the proportions of the composition in this shot is, I think perfect.
    The reflections of the trees and the fairly monochromatic nature of the shot give it strength that balances the tranquility. Can you tell I like this shot? LOL

  2. I know what you mean about the guy with the bucket. I often miss a nice shot and blame the camera because it either set right or the cap was on, or I’m not sure how the person would react, etc.

    I think I just need to be faster, like a gunslinger! My dad always told me “shoot first then ask questions later. Never histitate, what’s the worst that can happen? they can beat you up or break your camera”…”well, yeah!! exactly dad!”

    • I know exactly what you mean! I almost didn’t get the shots of the dog on the boat the other day, because the guy had obviously seen us stopped on the path, staring at him and his dog. It felt weird to pull out the camera and start taking pictures, but the whole thing was just so great, I couldn’t resist. I did wave to him afterward as a way of saying thanks. I also tried to remind myself that we get a kick out of our own dog’s “fans”, so the dog’s owner probably did too.

  3. I think I’ve mentioned before that I find the canals of Utrech amazing, the cool little half street between the main street and the waters edge. It looks even better in the snow.

  4. Really great pictures – the almost black and white effects at high contrast are wonderful. How does it look in low-light, with long shadows?

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