Church Row

Shadowy Figures
While we were out last week in the brief moment of sunshine, I snapped this photo of the Domtoren and the spire of Willibrord Church. I love the hazy silhouette look to it, and I just can’t help photographing the Domtoren when I’m out and about.

Utrecht has a long-standing religious history, with lots of churches and bishop seats and even a pope, so it’s not surprising that sometimes I feel like I’m back in the South, with church after church after church. In fact, along with the two churches in the photo, my back was right up against Janskerk when I took these photos.
Church Row

2 thoughts on “Church Row

  1. Definitely a shot into the distance that only winter could give you because the leaves will cover and distract once they are in force.
    Here the bare branches add to the strong silhouettes and enhance the photo. Good job 🙂

    • Thanks! I did wish I could get a better shot without the branches, but in the end, they weren’t too bad and do seem to add to the atmospheric perspective of the shot. Winter light really is some of my favorite light. If only we could get a bit more of it. 😉

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