Street Patrol

Street Scene
I was sitting downstairs this afternoon when I suddenly heard our dog start barking upstairs. Beneath the din of his woofing, I could hear some other clattering noise from the street. Eventually, the sound registered as horse hooves, so I grabbed my camera and raced upstairs, where I knew I could get a better shot. The weather has been clear and sunny, but not that crisp, sharp-edged clear, and from the distance, things got a bit hazy. I liked this shot in black and white, but I also like the splashes of color in some of the color shots I took. Either way, it’s nice to see life returning to the streets. I’m sure the horse police patrols are out other times of the year, but it does seem as if they’re out more as the weather improves. Just another sign that spring is on its way!

10 thoughts on “Street Patrol

  1. Really love the black and white photo. Great composition, sense of depth and textures. I even like the angle of the horseman on the left. Seems just right.

    • I was really happy with the depth it ended up with because the branches hanging down in the foreground became the focus point, so the rest ended up a bit blurrier. It all seemed to work better in black and white, with fewer distractions.

  2. They’re usually out somewhere between Thursday till Saturday night here, more as to make sure rowdy & drunk people don’t misbehave. Because no matter how big someone may be, an average 400kg horse will still win. 😉

    • Yeah, I was going to joke that even the horses here are tall. The police horses always seem particularly big and I can imagine they´re an excellent deterrent!

    • I´ve seen horse police patrols in both the US and here, but they are usually in the city centers, not the smaller towns. They´re both intimidating and charming, all at once.

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