Streets of Art

Fietsen op Brughelstraat
I still owe an answer and a post on the building I hinted at the other day, but I haven’t gotten around to uploading the photos yet (nor doing the little bit of research I need to do on the building). So instead, today you’ll get to hear about the streets near the building. There’s an area to the east of Wilhelminapark that features the names of famous Dutch artists in the street names. The art history geek in me would love to have any one of these street names as my own address! The one seen above is Pieter Breughelstraat. There’s also Rembrandtkade, and Frans Halsstraat, and perhaps a few others I just haven’t seen yet.

Frans Halsstraat

14 thoughts on “Streets of Art

  1. Nice find! I love it how here they have themes for the names of streets – like all birds, or all herbs, or countries around the world, etc. I can see how living on a street with a famous painter’s name! I have a friend who lives on Holbeinstraat in a city in Flevoland. I always found this detail interesting, since she is a History geek of sorts and Holbein was the most (or one of the most) portraitists of the Renaissance and made portraits of the most important figures of the time… 😀

    • Indeed! I know Hans Holbein’s work well! He’d fit in well in this neighborhood. There are some interesting themed neighborhoods over by the Ikea here in Utrecht, as well. Military and philosophy, I think, although it’s been a while since I’ve been there. I do remember Albert Schweitzerlaan, though!

  2. Can I assume that the neighbourhood might be called De Schilderswijk? (Painter’s district) we have a Schilderswijk here in Den Haag with similar street names…. Rubenstraat, Brueghelstraat etc.

    • It may very well be a Schilderswijk. I could have sworn I’d seen a Van Eyckstraat around there, but didn’t see it on the map when I went looking. Perhaps it was somewhere else. Regardless, neighborhood names and borders here still leave me confused. I’m never quite sure where they start and stop!

  3. I can’t remember where it was off the top of my head but a few weeks back we were driving around an area where all the streets seemed to be named after American presidents. It struck me as a little odd in Holland.

  4. An area where streets are named after random American presidents seems strange to me as well. I really don’t believe that exists in the Netherlands. There should at least be some connection with the Netherlands.

    After WW2 streets were named after well known allied leaders like Roosevelt, Churchill, Eisenhower, etc.
    Also iconic presidents, like Kennedy, have streets named after them. But I would be surprised if Jimmy Carter has his street (or laan, plein, steeg, …)

    I googled Trumanlaan and found one hit, the Trumanlaan in Utrecht. The streets in that area are named after statesmen like Audenauer, Marshall, Eisenhower, van Kleffens etc. All people who made a major contribution to building the post WW2 Europe.

  5. I’ve come across the Trumanlaan (and the Marshall and Eisenhower streets) here in Utrecht, and was a bit surprised when I first saw them, simply because I was new here and not expecting them. They’re also in that area over by Ikea (thus the reason I saw them early on). I think the US President streets that Stu came across were probably along the same lines — presidents (and perhaps other leaders) who had something to do with WWII and rebuilding.

  6. I have to retract my statement about random american presidents a bit. There is a Carterlaan in Goes. In fact all the presidents from Roosevelt until Reagan are there. There is no streetview for that area so it is difficult to estimate how old these streets are.
    It is in the NW corner of Goes which is a rather new part of that city, but I don’t know exactly how old. My guess is that it was build when Reagan was president.

    I became even more curious so I did some additional googling. It seems that only Goes has all these presidents.
    It seems, but Google is not very reliable, that outside Goes only Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower (WW2 & rebuilding) and Kennedy, Lincoln, Wilson (iconic) are used.

    • How fascinating — and kind of strange! I have a bit of a soft-spot for Carter, so it’s kind of nice he has a street. On the other hand, in the same way that I would love to live on one of the artist streets, I would hate to have my address be Reaganlaan. But that’s just my politics. 😉

      I’ve just been looking at the map of Goes and the Zeeland region, and it’s all quite fascinating from a geographical perspective. Looking at the map, Zeeland seems to be the perfect name for the area! Thanks for sharing all of this.

  7. Very interesting stuff indeed. Here in Vlaardingen we have a cluster of streets named after composers; Bachstraat, Handelstraat, Mahlerstraat, Van Beethovensingel plus many more. (Into double figures).

    It amused me very much when I stumbled upon Handelstraat, near to where I currently live as I used to reside upon Handel Street in my home town back in England! Little things! 🙂

    • How funny to go from one Handel to another! It’s a shame you didn’t actually end up on Handelstraat here, although I’d probably start confusing house numbers and such if I did a move like that! I don’t know where I live anymore! 😀

    • Yikes! I completely disagree with their reasoning, but I do know of people in the US who think he was the greatest president ever. Different strokes for different folks! 😉

      Maybe they would be wise to avoid recent politicians and just stick with artists and composers and philosophers and scientists!

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