Bikes and Beer

I came across this six-pack bike holder today on Twitter. It’s an offering from Urban Outfitters and originally started life as something for Harcourt Bike Polo players. UO has decided to use it for biking with beer. The thing is, I can’t help but see that and think how puny and wussy it looks. You see, this is the kind of sight I see here in the Netherlands on a regular basis:

(Photo: Amstel Bier by Amsterdamize)
Those crates of beer (something like 24 bottles in a crate) are the more common way of selling beer in bulk here, rather than the little six-packs more common in the US. And unless they’ve got the crate on a front carrier on the bike, that’s exactly how they transport it. They ride along easily with one hand balancing the heavy crate on the back, and as you see, the girl even has another bag or two hanging off the handlebars. This is normal here. Impressive, isn’t it! So really, it’s hard to look at that little six-pack carrier and think much of it. It’s for amateurs.

For the record, this is just a small section of the beer aisle in one of the grocery stores I go to.

4 thoughts on “Bikes and Beer

  1. ..Hahaha!!! So TRUE Alison, just the other day whilst going to a hospital appointment we saw two guys transporting a mattress.. each riding a bike with one hand on the steering and the mattress over a shoulder each between them… and the best bit? it was a double mattress!
    All the cars were very patient and let them go ahead as clearly they were too large for the fietspad (bike path) AND they weren’t peddling slowly either LOL.
    I think every car driver was grinning too.
    If you think you “seen it all” then you’ll always find someone lugging stuff around on a bike that appears neither logical nor possible, but yep, they manage just fine!

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