Foto Vrijdag: Keukenhof Duck

If you love flowers, you may be interested in knowing that the famous Keukenhof Gardens will be opening again soon. In fact, they’re opening next week, 24 March, and the theme this year is Germany: Land of Poets and Philosophers.

We went last year while my parents were visiting and I couldn’t help but love these floating water sculptures, especially when the ducks got involved. I loved how it looked like the two were having a conversation.


5 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag: Keukenhof Duck

  1. Very pretty sculpture! Yes, it’s Keukenhof time again! I’ve been thinking of it lately (been uploading pictures of my visit in 2009) and I was thinking of probably going this year … but I think I’d rather try to get a view of the tulip fields by following the “bollenstreek” route by car. Also tempting: the “bloemencorso” from Noordwijk to Haarlem in April – but I dislike crowds as much as I like flowers! 😀

    • It totally depends on where you are, if you pick somewhere in say Heemstede, the crowds will be far less. Haarlem’s always busy since it’s where they stop and the ‘praalwagens’ are parked for all to see. Of course since I live here, I also know the less crowded spots along the route in Haarlem.

      The organisors should have the route on their website. It tells you roughly at what time they’ll arrive at all those points. So you don’t need to sit and wait along the route forever. 😉

      • Thanks, Cindy. That’s what I was thinking of doing – going to one of the “tussen” stops.
        Yes, the routes are online, so you can pick where you want to go see the parade. I’ll see if I can convince my husband 😀

    • Perhaps complaining about who left the poop. 😉 Or looking forward to when they’ll have the park to themselves once again, since this was the last weekend the place was open last year.

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