Celebrating 50K

Ice Cream
Ice cream for everyone! Especially for each of you who has visited this blog over the past almost three years. Yesterday evening, I had my 50,000th view, and I think the person who hit the magic number was from Sofia, Bulgaria. I love watching the numbers grow and was thrilled to see that exact number come up last night!


10 thoughts on “Celebrating 50K

    • Thank you!

      Sadly, I can’t find mint chocolate chip here, and it’s my favorite, too! At least I can find After Eights here to give me my mint and chocolate fix.

  1. Mmmm… thanks for the icecream!!! 😀 Congrats on reaching your first 50K!
    Yesterday I was watching the numbers on my blog as well, and it just happened that I hit the number 5555 visitor. I don’t remember where he/she was from, but probably nothing nearly as exotic as Sofia, Bulgaria 😀

    • Thanks! Enjoy the ice cream!

      I’m always fascinated by the various spots around the world from which people visit my site. It’s cool to think that my words are travelling, even if I’m not! 😉

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