Celebrating the Sunset

On the Way to Oudewater
Friday night we went to Oudewater for a delicious dinner with friends. On the way there, I couldn’t help but notice the sunset. I don’t get to see much of one nowadays, because of the buildings surrounding us, so I really enjoyed seeing this beautiful mix of clouds and glowing sun. It also made me think of this blog post by Aledys Ver, with the lovely idea of viewing a sunset as a performance: cheering when it’s good and demanding your money back when it’s bad. I think this one definitely deserved a cheer.
Burning Through

3 thoughts on “Celebrating the Sunset

  1. Some of the fabulous weather of recent days is sure to produce some fabulous sunsets, and my seclusion stops me seeing any of them, so I’m *delighted* to see them via your camera lens.
    The lower four photos look like the beacon from an almighty lighthouse 🙂

  2. Well, definitely a grand applause for this sunset! Or, since I’m just arrived from Spain, I’d give it an oooooooooleeeeeeeeeé…! 😀
    Beautiful shots – you did it justice.

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