Heads Above the Rest

Harrumph! [Day 201/365]
I was trying to organize my bookmarks the other day, and in the process, I was reminded of the Fluidr website, where I can view my photos according to general interestingness. As I was scrolling through, I saw a couple of photos back to back that had a certain thematic quality. The first was this bas relief bust seen on one of the buildings by Peterskerk. I love the look on the man’s face; he looks like a real curmudgeon.

The next photo in the stream was this one:
Steampunk Skeleton
This steampunk skeleton head decoration adorns a house just up the street from the first one. If you forget about the drastically different styles, they’re both kind of similar — individual heads on buildings. It’s fun to think that the same decorative concept carries over through the years, even if in different styles.

Each one is eye-catching and amusing. I like to give them each a nod of greeting each time I pass them, like friendly neighbors.

4 thoughts on “Heads Above the Rest

  1. Can you just imagine what the sketches and details of work for the stonemason must have been like for the stonework for the top photo? LOL I bet there were some wry smiles going on there at the time!
    I like the second photo too, but keep returning to the first photo since the depth of character draws me back and you can’t but think questions. Did this guy process a sense of humour at all? or did he have a heart of stone as well?
    I can certainly see why it’s a popular photo.

  2. Hi, I just love to receive all your beautiful photo’s in my inbox each day, good enough for a book for sure.

    I just read on the site Clogs and Tulips An American in Holland that they had a request about information on the cultural scene in utrecht from someone who was deciding on weather to move to Amsterdam or Utrecht well you photo’s are worth a thousand words so perhaps you could contact them as they were asking for input.

    americancloggie@aol.com .

    I’m sold and plan to visit Utrecht next year thanks.

    Margo from Vancouver island Canada.

    Oh perhaps the city’s tourist bureau should see your photo’s and give you a job.

    • Margo, thank you so much for such a lovely and encouraging comment! You really made my day yesterday. Sometimes I worry that I’ve been slacking on providing any decent content, just resorting to photos, but I’m glad those are enjoyed, too! I did see the Clogs and Tulips question and added my suggestions. There is a pretty vibrant arts scene here in Utrecht, so I think he’d be happy here. I’m thrilled that I’ve helped encourage someone to visit Utrecht. I hope you enjoy every bit of it!

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