Centuries of Architecture

Centuries of Architecture
Think of this as my Foto Vrijdag entry, just a day early. I’m off to Den Haag tomorrow to meet up with friends for a wedding watching party. It’s really just an excuse to get together and have fun.

As for this photo, I love this corner of the Nieuwegracht, because of the variety of architectural styles and centuries represented. In the background, rising up behind the rooftops, is the top of the Dom Cathedral, with its Gothic styling. The white building has an Art Deco feel with the tracery in the windows, while the brick building in the corner dates from 1775.

I’ll have to look into the details on the brick building. I think I might know who the architect was, but I’m not positive right now. The research will have to wait, though. Don’t forget, Saturday is Koninginnedag (Queen’s Day)! Wear some orange and have a good time!

Nieuwegracht Hoek

Cathedral Peek


4 thoughts on “Centuries of Architecture

  1. Lovely roofs – it always pays to look up when walking down among the cnaals. Hope you enjoyed the Royal Wedding festivities!

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