Koninginnedag, Take Three

Tulip Burnout
Happy Koninginnedag! Queen’s Day is upon us once again, and so far this one, our third, looks to be excellent. Fine weather, no hangover, no tragedy … The music has started back up already, and will probably go all day. It started last night and ran until after 1 a.m. Last night’s performances included a country/rockabilly group, who also did a reggae song called “I’m Allergic to Ganja”, which they amusingly/weirdly pronounced ganya. I know that’s the Dutch pronunciation of -ja, but the song was in English, so I was expecting the English pronunciation. It made me laugh, anyway. There were also a band doing ’80s hits. They ended, not surprisingly, with Golden Earring’s “Twilight Zone”. For those not aware, Golden Earring is a Dutch band.

Anyway, we’re off to wander around and check out what’s being offered at the Vrijmarkt, an open flea market of sorts that is going on all across the country. I got some nice mugs and a royal tin the first year. If nothing else, it will be a slight break from all the music. We’ve just been serenaded by a band doing Dutch country of sorts. We’ve heard variations of “Jolene” and now I think they’re doing a version of “Islands in the Stream”. It’s interesting.
Flying Dutch Flag

6 thoughts on “Koninginnedag, Take Three

    • It really was a perfect day! Today, the sun is shining again and the streets are already clean, and the city is quiet as a mouse, even though it’s a koopzondag (shopping sunday).

  1. We’re coming to NL late April/early May this year, and have been wondering whether we want to experience Koninginnedag on a grand chaotic scale in Amsterdam, or on a hopefully less overwhelming scale in Utrecht (or elsewhere).

    Any advice/opinions? We’re not much into super huge crowds or drunk people. But we’d still like to experience the oranjegekte and especially the Vrijmarkt.

    • It’s definitely worth visiting, but I honestly think you can get more than enough of the feel for the event here in Utrecht — with its own share of drunk crowds — but not as overwhelming as the party in Amsterdam seems to be. It’s more locals here, I think, while Amsterdam is full of all the normal tourists, plus the people who invade Amsterdam specifically for Koninginnedag. The crowds here are manageable and there are always plenty of small and large concerts going on throughout town, so you won’t be missing out on anything, and the vrijmarkt takes you through some lovely areas.

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