Foto Vrijdag: Flags Flying

There are specific rules and specific dates when you’re allowed to fly the Dutch flag. It’s not like America, where you’ll see the flag flying yearlong in front of houses, offices, restaurants and just about anywhere else you could imagine. The Dutch flag is only brought out for special occasions. That said, it’s been prevalent this past week, between Queen’s Day, Remembrance Day and Liberation Day. Fortunately, the beautiful weather has led to some beautiful shots of the flag glowing in the sunshine. This photo was taken on Queen’s Day. I loved the light filtering through the tree and its blossoms and the flag providing a splash of color against the more neutral background. Both approaches to flying the flag have their benefits; I wouldn’t say that one is better than another. Perhaps the infrequent appearances of the Dutch flag make it stand out more when it does appear. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.