The Cat That Never Rolls ...
Sure, I still have Queen’s Day photos to upload, and sure I still have a few more photos from Den Haag I could post, but instead you’re going to get a cat post. It’s my blog and I’ll post about cats if I want to! šŸ˜€

So, that creature in the top photo there, luxuriously rolling on the terrace is Lola. Lola never rolls, at least not in the house. Luna, our other black cat, is the roller. She’s never met a piece of carpet she won’t roll and twist around on, which is dangerous when I then go to pet her and we shock each other. Anyway, yesterday, Lola decided to roll around on the terrace. That’s when I discovered just how much pollen is still on the terrace, despite the recent sweeping. We haven’t had any rain in a while, so all the pollen just hangs out on every surface. That means that after Lola’s roll, this is what she looked like:
I suffer from allergies, so when I saw her, all I could think about was all the sneezing and misery I was going to be suffering if she got into the house like that. I quickly ran inside, shutting her out on the terrace, and got a paper towel that I soaked. She wasn’t happy, but fortunately she didn’t really fight the impromptu bath, either. I’m not sure Luna would have been so accommodating. Not that it really seemed to help. I still ended up with a bit of an allergy attack last night. I’ll blame that one on the dog. He’s been stretched out on the terrace, too.
Hey Diddle Diddle ...
Yes, that’s Lola leaping over Pippo. A very lucky shot!

Finally, I want to leave you with a photo I took of both cats the other week. We’ve been having some of that glorious Dutch light recently, especially early in the morning, and I was as entranced by the light as I was amused by the cats stalking each other.
Mommy's Little Monsters

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