Cookie Monster

It’s a lovely Saturday in Utrecht, so this morning, G and I headed to the bloemenmarkt (flower market) that is held each Saturday at Janskerkhof, just a few minutes walk from home. It’s like going to a much smaller version of the Keukenhof, the big flower garden/festival over by Leiden, but not as overwhelming. Much more my speed! I admit to having a bit of a black thumb and not much knowledge of plants and gardening, but after planting some flowers last spring with my mum, I was encouraged to give it another shot. Plus, from my limited knowledge of plant prices back in the US, I’m pretty sure the ones here are pretty inexpensive. I managed to get a total of 18 small plants for €10. The photo shows my haul today. I got a mix of lobelia (little blue flowers) and ijsplants (a multi-colored mix). I don’t know that they’ll grow that well, but I’ll give them a shot and hope they don’t die too soon!

Since it was such a nice day and I’d been enjoying being outdoors, I suggested we stop for a coffee before heading off to do the grocery shopping. I wanted to sit in the sun, but have a nice view, too. I thought about Neude, but they’re setting up for the Festival aan de Werf, so it wasn’t really ideal. Eventually, I thought of the Domplein and decided that I would finally, after all this time, go enjoy a coffee in the Domplein (the square at the cathedral). I’ve spent plenty of time there, but have never gotten around to sitting at one of the cafés that flank the square. We headed over, working our way through the growing number of tourists along the Oudegracht, and soon settled in at Café Corsini, right next to the Domtoren.

Service seemed a bit iffy from the beginning. We were the only ones sitting outside, but it took a while for anyone to show up and take our order. Then it took a while for our two coffees to arrive. That wasn’t that big a deal — it was a nice day and I was enjoying the sunshine — but when the coffee showed up, with mine seeming half-spilled already, things started to really go downhill. The coffee itself seemed a bit bitter. Then, I realized there was no cookie! No cookie!!! No little piece of chocolate!!! No nothing!!!!! The horror!!!!!

You see, I don’t think I’ve ever had a cup of coffee here in the Netherlands without also being served some little cookie or small piece of chocolate alongside it. It’s not necessarily something big or fancy, just a little bite or two to go nicely with your coffee. It’s one of the little things I love about the coffee culture here and it was one of the reasons why I wanted to stop and have a coffee today. It’s just so gezellig!

Geen Koffie Zonder Cookie
Even Subway (yes, we have the chain here) serves a cookie with the coffee. That sign is from one of the Subway shops near us. In fact, I passed it on the way back from the café as we headed to the grocery store. It says “geen koffie zonder cookie” (no coffee without a cookie) and you get the deal for €2, which is actually 20 cents cheaper than what we payed at Café Corsini for one measly cup of lousy coffee without even a crumb to go with it! Subway has little tables and chairs set out in front of the restaurant, right there in the sun. The view might not have been as nice, but in the long run, it probably would have been a better experience.

It’s a silly thing to fuss about, but I had really been enjoying myself and was truly looking forward to having a nice cup of coffee in a lovely, historic setting, simply relaxing and enjoying the moment. Perhaps they just forgot the cookies, although it was only just turned noon and they weren’t that busy. Another couple sat down outside after us, but gave up before us, when no one came to take their order. With the slow service, spilled coffee, and no cookie, I certainly don’t plan on going to Café Corsini again, at least not for a coffee. Maybe it was just a bad day, but I don’t feel inclined to take my chances there again when there are other places to go.

10 thoughts on “Cookie Monster

  1. All those plants for 10 euros? that’s a real bargain!! Are they perennials? I wonder if you can find those prices at the flower market here in Z.
    As for the café – that would’ve been reason enough for me to put my Dutchness into practice. To show that my inburgerning has been successful, I normally complain when sth like that happens!!

    • I think the flowers are annuals, but I can’t swear to it. I truly am clueless! I’m telling myself they’re annuals so that if they die off quickly, then I don’t feel so bad about it.

      As for the café, I was tempted to complain about the lack of cookie, but then that would have required me getting up and going inside, since there certainly wasn’t any waitstaff outdoors. 😉

  2. I’ve got an even worse story. Last time I was in Holland I went into a similar place and I asked for tea, because that’s what I do, I’m a tea drinker. The guy looked at me like I was crazy. It was like he wasn’t sure if I was serious so and I had to repeat my order. He then went away made it and left for me and started serving the next customer. There was only one tiny problem – no tea bag. Now I normally don’t complain much but this was one step too far. I was NOT drinking hot water! No siree. So I waited for another few minutes and got him to make it properly. The line has to be drawn somewhere!

    Oh and I didn’t get a cookie either believe it or not.

    • How weird! The Dutch do drink tea, so I’m not sure why it should have been so shocking. Usually they bring a box full of different tea bags, along with your hot water, so that you can choose from a variety of teas. I’m not sure if you normally get a cookie with your tea, though. Sorry you had to experience the bad side of Dutch customer service. It’s not known for being the best, although I’ve usually had much better luck.

      • With most hot beverages you do get a cookie or chocolate. Or at least, that’s my usual experience and I usually order tea. The latest rage is fresh mint tea. And yup, that too comes with a cookie. 😀

  3. I only drink Rooibos tea and indeed there’s often no cookie with tea, in fact it’s rare… but it’s pretty much obligatory with coffee so yes that was a MAJOR blunder. I hope you *didn’t* tip.
    Certainly don’t go back, they don’t deserve your custom and as you said plenty of other places where the staff are more interested.
    The plant deal is great! well done you!

    Kal, not even getting a teabag!
    wow, I agree with Alison, that’s *most* unusual since they usually deliver the box at the same time as the hot water, or you pick it out from a box inside if it’s an over the counter situation (usually the former).

  4. Yes I am sure it’s not an unusual request but he did seem surprised when I asked him. The funny thing is I did take a sip at first and thought “hang on, something wrong with this tea..can’t quite put my finger on it”. I did also wonder if this was the way the Dutch made tea…without the tea bag! But then my brain thankfully worked it all out.

    and also I did briefly consider not complaining and just getting on with it…”who knows maybe they make really good hot water”! :S

  5. I certainly hope you didn’t leave a tip! That kind of service definitely does not deserve a cent. And personally I would not go back.

    Good haul! I do think we get spoiled when it comes to plants and flowers. They’re pretty much everywhere and so reasonably priced.

  6. Don’t worry, there was certainly no tipping! I’m still traumatized, though! I’m starting to think I should carry around emergency cookies, in case I’m ever faced with such a nightmare situation. 😉

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