Saturday, while heading over to the Domplein for the ill-fated coffee, I decided to stop and get a shot that is a well-known view of Utrecht. The Oudegracht, the old canal, which runs generally north/south through the city center, is probably our most touristic spots. Everyone that visits the city tends to end up there very quickly. After all, it features some of the famous below-street-level wharves. Still, there’s a lot along the canal that appeals to locals and not just tourists, although I noticed that one shop on the corner of the canal and Servetstraat, leading to the Dom, has become conspicuously touristy. All sorts of tourist knick-knacks explode from the store: postcards, Delft blue pottery type pieces, clogs, and the little decorative house figurines, along with Utrecht’s own Nijntje (Miffy).

Fortunately, when it’s off-season or simply a weekday, it’s easy enough to feel like you’re just on any other (incredibly picturesque) street. Tourism does seem to be growing here in Utrecht, but it’s not the madness of other big tourist hot spots. You can still take a moment just to enjoy the view without getting jostled about. You still have to watch out for the bikes, though. They’re everywhere.
Met Fiets

2 thoughts on “Oudegracht

  1. I love these views of Utrecht, I must have dozens of photos of the same spots.
    I see the café “De Witte Ballons” in two of the pics.: I was recently there and I have to say, I wasn’t impressed with the service!

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