Three Years

Three years today and I still love it here, even if today’s weather isn’t so pretty. (This photo was from last week.) We’re celebrating with a Dutch dinner of rookworst and stamppot. Tomorrow I might ride my fiets over to one of the parks to celebrate the national Day in the Park event. My Dutch may still be pretty limited, but culturally, I seem to be getting the hang of this whole inburgering thing.

15 thoughts on “Three Years

    • Let me get a bit more practice in before we go cycling. I didn’t get around to any this past week after all, and I don’t think you want to deal with my occasional panicked yells and “OMG which way am I supposed to go!!!” screams. πŸ˜‰

  1. Congratulations! But stamppot is more of a winter dish. Have you had watergruwel yet? Not for dinner, but it’s a refreshing dessert. And very Dutch. Literally translated it means water horror, don’t ask me why. It’s good. It’s in the refrigerated section, near the vla (kind of custard).

    • Ah, but the weather this weekend was a bit chilly and miserable, so stamppot wasn’t that out of place! I’ve had vla and I’ve had griesmeel, and many other desserts, but I haven’t tried watergruwel yet. I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks!

      • It’s the same with me on those rare occasions I pass Utrecht on my southward bound train! It’s always “Oh yes, Utrecht! Alison.” πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats! Let’s hope this is us just starting to hit our stride. And here’s to another three (at least)!

  3. Hi! I found your blog through an expat blog list. Just a cute coincidence – I also live in Utrecht and landed here in Holland on the same day as you – except only a year ago.

    I definitely like it here, it’s just difficult to start from zero in a new country with no friends around.

    • Welcome! It’s always great to find more people living here in Utrecht. How funny that we arrived on the same date! I’m glad you like it here; as you get more settled in, I’m sure you’ll feel more at home. Plus, there are always going to be times when it all gets a bit frustrating and overwhelming. It’s definitely not easy, but usually something comes up to make you happy again to be here. What brought you here?

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