A Monday in Utrecht

After a rainy and cool weekend, Monday shines bright and surprisingly warm. It’s a shame it’s not a holiday here as it is in the US. Perfect weather for it. Happy Memorial Day to those celebrating.

4 thoughts on “A Monday in Utrecht

  1. This past weekend I stayed over at my friend’s house, who lives in Margraten, a teeny tiny little village just below Maastricht. It’s also where the only Dutch American cemetery is located.

    From her house it’s pretty much a stone’s throw away, as we were sitting in her garden, we could hear some of the ceremony floating by. And see the flyover with the missing man formation.

    • That’s cool that you got to see the flyover. And now I’ve learned something. I didn’t know about the Dutch American cemetery. That’s nice that they hold a ceremony there.

  2. Yesterday I put two small American flags in the pots on my terrace. I have a great view of people going by and you should have seen how many people noticed the flags.
    Cars would slow down just a little and bikers would look up.
    I doubt that anyone who is Dutch knows what yesterday was, but that is okay. The next holiday will be the fourth of July, and that will be strange to have it just be a regular day. I can smell the hot dogs and hamburgers as I type.

    • It is a strange feeling when a major American holidays comes up and it’s just another day here. Thanksgiving and Fourth of July always feel a bit weird, but I usually try to celebrate at least a little. My mum sent me an Uncle Sam figurine a couple of years ago, so I always set him out on the Fourth.

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