Time Travel: St. Aloysiuskerk

St. Aloysiuskerk 1958
(photo courtesy of gertvr)
One more Time Travel post, since I saw this one in the collection yesterday and remembered that I already have a picture of this church. It’s St. Aloysiuskerk (kerk=church), located just to the southeast of Wilhelmina Park and down the street from a Rietveld building. I don’t have any photos of it taken from the same direction, but the ones I have were taken from the left side of the one in the old postcard.
St. Aloyisiuskerk
The Catholic church was built in 1924 by architect H.W. Valk. It is a six-sided church with a central plan and features a 24-meter-high dome. It is still in use today and they will be having special services this weekend in honor of the Pinkster holidays.

Aloysius Dome
Little Red Door

3 thoughts on “Time Travel: St. Aloysiuskerk

  1. I can’t say I like this building, really… Churches built after the Reformation are so plain and dull. I don’t think I’ve ever been in this part of Utrecht, by the way!

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