Foto Vrijdag: Pretty in Purple

Last weekend while taking a walk along the Maliesingel, we got to the part where many of the houses have front gardens of one sort or another. This is rare here in the old city center, since most houses open straight onto the sidewalk. I was particularly taken by the abundance of flora in front of this house, particularly the the different shades of purple in the flowers and the leaves of the tree (which may look a bit more blue in this photo).

Here’s a close-up of the flowers. They remind me a bit of dogwood blossoms. Do any of my florally literate readers know the name of either the flowers or the purple-ish tree?
Purple Delight

3 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag: Pretty in Purple

  1. The flowers look like hydrangeas? I’ve got a blue wave hydrangea at home and it’s very reminiscent of your photo. You can see some photos here:

    Picture 053

    It looks like your flowers might be a different color, but hydrangeas generally change color with soil conditions.

  2. It’s a Hortensia plant, which can have blue-ish or purple flowers, or more pinkish ones, depending I think on the iron content of the soil or something. Putting rusty nails (or rotting fish, for some reason) in the soil near their roots makes the flowers change colour. I have a lot on my balcony each summer, I love hortensia’s.

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