Foto Vrijdag: Pretty in Pink

Pretty as a Picture
This view from Mariaplaats up Zadelstraat caught my eye for both the pink balloons, as well as the view through the arch of the Domtoren which rises up at the end of the street. Add in the flowers on the lamps, the slightest hint of a hill, and the woman on the bike, and I found this shot irresistible.

Here’s the long view of the street, with the Domtoren fully in view:

2 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag: Pretty in Pink

  1. Alison, great shots! I think the balloons are left over from the women’s run that was last week, right? It is nice to see another color flying in the wind besides the Dutch orange I now see in my sleep.

    • Ah, of course! The meidenlopen (or something like that). I saw some photos elsewhere of them running through the domplein and through the arch in the domtoren. I like the mix of the pink balloons with the pink and red flowers; so pretty and cheerful!

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