This would have been more useful if I’d posted it before today, but hey, if you’re in Utrecht today and want some mussels and tasty beer (De Leckere brouwerij) and wine, come on over to the eastern edge of town today for the Mosselfeest, organized by some of the cafés and restaurants on Lucas Bolwerk. The festival started at noon, but the official opening is at 2 p.m. and the event runs until 7 p.m. The street is blocked off to traffic, so you can wander around and enjoy the food and the scenery along the Wittevrouwensingel and you can stop in at Café de Potdeksel, Café de Stad, Tilt Café or Brasserie Zocher throughout it all. We’re heading over in half an hour or so (we’ll be recording Wimbledon to watch later). Oh, and kids are welcome. They’ve got a bouncy castle, too.

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