Caturday: Winkelkat

Sleep Interrupted
We were walking along Voorstraat this afternoon and saw this adorable cat taking a nap in one of the restaurants. It’s not uncommon here to find cats in restaurants, presumably as insurance against any unwanted rodents. There’s been a book published about the store cats of Utrecht. I need to remember to put that on my wishlist.
I’m afraid we woke this kitty from her nap, as we stopped to admire her. She didn’t get up, but did seem to get a nice stretch in as we oooed and awwwed over her. Such cute little paws!
Peekaboo Paws

10 thoughts on “Caturday: Winkelkat

  1. Cute. I really like the way Dutch restraints and cafes have cats. For some reasion they always have so much charecter. Some of my expat friends think it un-hygienic to have a cat in a place that serves food. At least they do until I point out the alternative :p

    • Perhaps it’s because I live with three animals that have free reign, I don’t really think twice about animals in restaurants. Nor do I mind when I notice. I figure they’re no worse than some kids and adults! 😉

    • It’s always such a fun surprise to spot one dozing in the window. I saw a fantastic bulldog hanging out in a furniture shop on Zadelstraat the other week. I wish I’d stopped for a photo. He had such a fantastic face!

    • The third one is my favorite, too. I love seeing the bottom of the paws and the different colors of the pads. Of course, I just love paws in general, as my pets would tell you with long-suffering resignation. 😉

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