Thoughts for Thursday

Daily Scenery

  • I entered a photo contest through Expatica the other week with this photo and I found out today that I won! Many thanks to my friends for voting, especially considering how difficult/unclear the whole process was. My prize is a T-shirt and having my photo entered into a drawing to be included in the I Am Not A Tourist expat fair in October. The latter is the reason I entered.
  • It turns out we have color codes for bad weather here. A Code Geel (Code Yellow) was announced today for the region of Utrecht, meaning that there’s a chance of dangerous weather with high winds and heavy rain. The wind hasn’t seemed too bad, but we’ve had pretty much non-stop rain today. It looks like we’ve got more to look forward to through the weekend. It’s particularly frustrating, as I was hoping to visit the Maliebaanfestival this weekend. At least it runs through the 20th, so hopefully we’ll get a nice day in there somewhere.
  • I’ve done a few Tweets in Dutch the past couple of days. Extremely slow Progress! Whether they were right is another matter, but I did get responses to them without any corrections. (That may have had more to do with the 140-character limit.) One of the tweets had to do with a search for food coloring. From what Google translate would have me believe, the word for food coloring is levensmiddelenkleurstof. It’s times like this I really miss McCormick!
  • Is there any topic you’d like me to write about? Any questions y’all might have, about me, being an expat, or just life general life in the Netherlands?

9 thoughts on “Thoughts for Thursday

  1. Congrats on the photo comp! Keep me posted on how I’ll be able to vote when it gets closer to the I am not a Tourist fair (I’m not sure if I’ll go yet or not). I haven’t been looking closely at the new expatica site, so I missed the opportunity to vote, sorry!

  2. Heh, I was just looking for food colouring myself a week or so ago. It’s really hard to find for some reason. I finally got it at Cook & Co., where it was €3 for a teeny tiny bottle (and I ended up needing four bottles!).

    • Yikes! €3 for a tiny bottle? I just want the stuff for crafts purposes, so I guess I might as well just use some water paints if they’re not going to be any cheaper. That, or ask one of my friends who’s in the US right now to bring some back when she comes.

  3. I have only found this blog today, and have been leaving through it… I am a fellow Utrechter and I adore you’re photo’s. If you wish to find ocra’s and other more exotic vegetablesI would recommend you go to the Kanaalstraat in Lombok. Oh and I am sure you could get some lovely pictures there. Lombok is a very multiethnic neighbourhood, with lots of Turkish, Morrocan and persian grocery shops (with among other things ocra’s). It’s not as picturesque as the old city centre but I think it would definitely be worth exploring

    Frits (an inhabitant of Lombok)

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