As Strong as a Small Pony

We went to the Maliebaanfestival today — more to come on that — and while there we saw ponies! They had a variety of sizes, from ponies to small horses. Sadly, I didn’t get many good shots, since it was particularly crowded, but I did get a few shots off. Of course, we also saw a couple of dogs who gave the smallest pony a run for its money when it came to size!

Pony Rides

4 thoughts on “As Strong as a Small Pony

  1. Awwwww these are soooo sweet! There was a piece on Shetland Ponies recently on the TV programme “Coast”. Sadly in the last centuries they were exported to become pit ponies and haul coal tubs because they are very very strong for their size.
    Luckily those days are in the past and these beautiful little creatures can be enjoyed for the lovely little horses they are.

    • Heh. We saw that episode, too, and were reminded of it when we saw the ponies yesterday. It was an interesting program. I always enjoy Coast. Unfortunately, we missed the episode they did recently on the Frisian coast.

    • I was wondering if anyone would recognize the quote. It’s from the great Eddie Izzard, of course. The bit where Luke is being told that the force is with him.

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