High School Revisited

High School Revisited
I don’t know how wide-spread this is, but I’ve been seeing a lot of reproduction American-high-school lettermen jackets around town. It’s one of those strange fashion things that, as an American, gives me a bit of a giggle to see.

Sunday, while perusing the street festival lining Nachtegaalstraat, I saw this stall selling their own version of these classic jackets. It was a trip down memory lane for me, particularly with this blue and white jacket with the letter R. The high school I attended had jackets very similar to this — blue body, white sleeves — except the blue was a bit darker, I think. Even more nostalgic for me was the fact that my school’s letter was, indeed, R for Ragsdale.

I never bought the jacket, but I did earn my letter, although I have no idea what happened to it. I don’t think I’ve seen it in the past 15 years. You usually earn a letter through your participation in one of the school’s sports. Football, basketball, and baseball are the obvious ones, but track, soccer, and in my case, wrestling, were also included. Furthermore, you didn’t have to actually be the athlete to earn the letter. In my case, I was a wrestlette, which meant that I was one of a team of girls who set up the mats for the competitions/tournaments, kept score/time, and helped run tournaments held at our own school. It was its own form of work and was also a lot of fun. I’m glad I got involved and still enjoy watching wrestling. The gym at the school has recently been renamed in honor of the father of one of the girls I was a wrestlette with at the time. He has been very involved in high school wrestling over the years, so it was nice to see our neighbor (they lived on the street behind me) be honored for all of his hard work.

8 thoughts on “High School Revisited

  1. Letter jackets are definitely “in” right now. I keep seeing them pop up on fashonista-type blogs. They seem so 1950s to me.

    It’s funny, I was a wrestlette, too, although my school called them mat maids. I only did it for a year; I got tired of the smell of gyms after a while!

    • I thought I’d seen them in some sort of fashion posting recently, but it still seems an odd thing to bring back.

      I know other schools had mat maids; I think we were only the only wrestlettes in our general area. We joked that we were mat wenches rather than mat maids. 😉

  2. I had no idea there was a come back of these letter jackets – I haven’t been paying much attention, I guess!
    When I read that you had earned your letter for your participation in wrestling I was surprised – somehow, you didn’t (don’t) fit the profile of someone who’d enjoy practising that kind of sport! 😀

    • I guess living near university student associations, I see some of the more trendy fashion choices. Plus, it’s just so unexpected! As for the wrestling, I can’t even remember how I decided to get involved! Probably a boy I liked was on the team.

    • Well, considering I was in high school in the late ’80s, that fits in well with the last time I saw these jackets regularly. 😀 I can’t say that I’ve missed them. I wouldn’t mind a bit of a return to some of the grunge fashion, or at least a move away from the skinny jeans. When will more relaxed jeans come back?!

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