Foto Vrijdag: Still Life

Morning Light
Our dining room gets some amazing light coming in throughout the day, because of the big front window. Every time I look at the light coming in to that corner, I immediately think of Vermeer. The other morning, after days of rain, the sun was coming in early in the morning and I just loved the calm beauty of the scene. The rays of light on the wall, the soft white glow of the chair and wall, and the small splash of color with the decorative bowls all just seemed to come together perfectly.

Tomorrow, being Caturday, I’ll probably post some photos I took of Luna in that same area. Once again, the light was fantastic.

Oh! And completely unrelated, an online student news website contacted me this week to see if they could use some of my photos from this week’s fire in Zocherpark for an article. Does this mean I’m now a photojournalist? 😉

4 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag: Still Life

  1. It is lovely and the warm colours also add to the Vermeer feel that you mentioned.

    Oh and to answer your question, yes, I think you are a photojournalist. 😉

    • I’m always wishing for a model in period costume when I see the light in this part of the house. The decoration might be a tad Scandinavian, but the light is pure Dutch. 😉

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