Flowers for Anne

Anne Frank
Last week, Jane posted about a visit to the city center, particularly the part I know so well. One of the things she commented upon was the statue of Anne Frank that stands in the Janskerkhof. The statue was created by Pieter H. d’Hont in 1959, and put in place in 1960 as a memorial to all who were persecuted during World War II. 1960 was also the year that the Anne Frank House officially opened.
Flowers for Anne

As I mentioned to Jane in her comments section, the statue is usually decorated respectfully with flowers. The statue stands next to the site of the Saturday bloemenmarkt (flower market), so there’s an easy source for the flowers. However, I think a nearby elementary school also looks after the statue. Of course, the locals are just as likely to keep an eye on it. The Dutch take the story of Anne Frank quite seriously and even the statues dedicated to her are usually treated with great respect and reverence. In 2007, Anne Frank was officially included in the Canon of Dutch History, ensuring that her story would be taught in primary and secondary schools.

Anne Frank

2 thoughts on “Flowers for Anne

  1. what a lovely post. I am not embarassed to say that I was very moved when I stood in front of the statue. To me, the small statue of Anne represents all the Dutch children who died during the war. I see her standing so still and proud, and I think it makes us stop and be quiet.
    You know that it is a very busy area, with lots of bikes, cars and people hustling about. But there is Anne just waiting for us to take a moment. Whether it is with flowers or with a pause, it is worth the moment it takes.

    • I pass her fairly often, but every time I do, I always look over to check on her and it always gives me a smile to see her. It’s a good reminder, and I’m sure it’s a regular reminder for a great many people.

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