Caturday: The Ginger Edition

Cat in the Window
It’s not uncommon to see a variety of cats out and about. They wander the streets, walk the walls by the post office, and curl up adorably in shop windows. Last weekend, while enjoying a drink and some bitterballen at one of the cafés near Neude, I spotted this adorable cat in the window across from where I was sitting. She’s got a perfect spot to do lots of people watching. I’m sure she’s never short of entertainment.
Point of Interest
In this case, she seemed quite interested in this Citroën that had pulled up briefly in order to load up some equipment. I joked that the open roof was tempting the cat to hop in and take the car for a spin.


Later in the evening, as we were walking home, I spotted another cat of similar coloring. Seen from behind, my first instinct was to SQUEEEEEEEEZE! It’s a running joke G and I have about our cat Lola, who is a bit more full-figured than our other cat Luna. Every time I see Lola, I want to squeeze and cuddle her. We’ve nicknamed her Charmin, as in “Don’t squeeze the Charmin“! But she’s too irresistible!

Must Squeeze!
See?! When I saw this cat, my hands immediately reached out of their own volition, ready to squeeze. Don’t you just want to hug her and pet her and love her and squeeze her? Just don’t mess up the fur. She just finished grooming, after all!
A Touch of Grooming

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