In Memoriam

Ten years on and it’s all still very raw for me. I was living in New York City. I still remember it all so vividly. I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t lose anyone, but I still remember seeing a brother and sister on CNN on the Wednesday, holding up fliers they were posting in their search for their father. On the Thursday, when I left the apartment for the first time, I saw one of those fliers. It was shockingly real. I hope that that family, and all others who lost someone, have found some sort of peace.

3 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. Alison,
    I was here in NL, nursing a baby Kiwi Daughter on the living room couch when it happened and watched transfixed in horror as events unfolded before me on live TV.
    The emotions of that day came back as I watch the memorial services today and I can only hope that the families can find some comfort that nothing has been forgotten …and that all the innocents who perished that day might Rest in Peace.

  2. September 11th is very personal for me, so I rarely take out the memories to turn them over in my mind. When I do, it’s for a limited time. Otherwise it’s too overwhelming. Despite moderating the coverage I absorbed on this 10th anniversary, I’ve still been taken aback by things I’ve allowed myself to remember. Forget? I think not. Thanks for a lovely little post.

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