Foto Vrijdag: Golden Drift

Golden Drift
This was taken a couple of weeks ago after a storm, and I loved the golden light and how it brought out the warm tones of the buildings along the Drift Canal. The reflection of the salmon-pink building (Polman’s Huis Restaurant) in the canal is the perfect finishing touch. Plus, of course, the row of bicycles chained up to just about every free spot along the canal railing.

10 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag: Golden Drift

  1. Your pictures always remind me that I have yet to see the Netherlands! Would you believe that I lived in the Düsseldorf area for 6 years and never managed to go to the Netherlands? Something always happened like no valid passport or a failed attempt at going to Amsterdam because I was too tired. Once we were already at the station when all the trains to the Netherlands were canceled due to a snow storm. Well, one day …

    • Oh, I understand how these things happen. I haven’t left NL since moving here, despite the close proximity to so many other countries. For us, it’s either money, or having to find somewhere to board our dog … Someday!

  2. Thanks, for your comment on my blog! I´m definately going to make more of these illustrated ceramics in the following months.
    Your blog is great.What a nice photo´s, also in combination with the old pictures!

    • Thanks for the visit to my own blog and the kind words. I truly do love the ceramics, and the fabrics, that you’ve made. I wish you much luck with your shop and future ceramics.

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