Foto Vrijdag: Autumn’s Arrival

It’s the typical mood-swing weather today. One moment, the sun is shining so brightly that you have to shade your eyes. The next moment, it’s pelting down rain. Our whole day has been spent trying to make the most of the brief moments of sunshine to run errands and get the dog out. Unfortunately, none of those errands took me where I needed to go for the photos I wanted to take, so the post I wanted to do yesterday will have to wait a bit longer.

I regretted not having my proper camera with me this afternoon when we took Pippo and the recycling out. There were dark clouds moving in, and we experienced both sun and a sprinkling of rain at the same time, but the view of the Domtoren was surprisingly clear and quite striking, especially framed by the trees as it was. It’s always one of my favorite views of the Domtoren, rising up over the rooftops. The following picture, taken last summer, is the same view, but without the clarity (and dark clouds) of today:

Instead, today’s Photo Friday offering is a quick shot taken Wednesday evening. The leaves are starting to turn a bit more now, and I liked the orange of the fallen leaves against the brick street, and the white buildings — with the ever-present bicycle, of course. Along with the changing, falling leaves, the weather is turning a bit nippier, as well. Herfst (autumn) definitely seems to be settling in after last week’s brief, but welcome, Indian summer.

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