Beer and Protests

Ledig Erf
The forecast for Saturday is sunshine and decent temperatures, so I think we might head out to a couple of different things going on this weekend in town. It will be a bit of social consciousness and a bit of social libation.

First off, in support of Occupy Wall Street, there’s going to be an Occupy Utrecht event Saturday at the Domplein. With a general aim to global change, there will be speakers and open debate, beginning at noon. At 13:30, the event will move on to either Amsterdam or Den Haag. If you’re curious, there’s more info and other links at this site.

When the event moves on, I think we’ll move on to Ledig Erf to check out the annual Bockbier Festival. I think there will be around 65 bock beers available for tasting, including De Leckere’s Rode Toren. I’ve become quite the fan of De Leckere, the local Utrecht brewery with many beers named for historically important people and places here in Utrecht. The festival itself is free; the beers cost money, of course. It could be a fun way to spend some of the afternoon, especially since there will also be live music.

2 thoughts on “Beer and Protests

  1. Oh, I just know that Himself would LOVE that beer tasting event… sadly since I’m not driving right now, he’s got too many commitments ferrying kids around this weekend to make it possible. Hmm. Maybe next year?
    The march should be good too… again can’t get there but will be there in spirit. The ethics of global companies has a lot to answer for.

    • At least the festival is annual, and seems very popular, so hopefully he can make it next year. I’m certainly looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to the Occupy Utrecht event, too. I find it frustrating the kind of freedom that companies get these days, and find it horrifying that they seem to get more and more, rather than less.

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