Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

I had various ideas going through my head when I saw the topic for this week’s photo challenge, with none really feeling right. Then, on Saturday, in between Occupying Utrecht and drinking lots of lekker bock beer, I stopped in at the main post office at Neude to take some photos and realized I had a perfect topic.

You see, at the end of the month, all of the post offices in the Netherlands seem to be closing for good, including the stunning central post office here in Utrecht. All postal services will be taken care at other shops, such as certain book stores, grocery stores, etc. It’s sad for multiple reasons, not the least of which is the number of people now out of a job. Additionally, seeing the closing of this stunning building, built in the Amsterdam School style between 1917 and 1921, breaks my heart.

Fortunately, they’re not tearing it down; just repurposing it. That’s where the possibility lies. I think they’re going to turn it into some sort of shopping site, although I’m not positive. I think I’ve read various things over the past year. Regardless, I hope that they maintain some of the beautiful architectural and decorative details. It would be a shame to see this stunning interior get lost in the shuffle. The warm golden glazed bricks, the soaring glass ceiling, and the beautiful carved figurines throughout add a sense of wonder and amazement to a building that has been known to take the breath away from first-time visitors.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting more detail shots of the building, including the carved figures that represent the different continents of the world. Oh, and lots of olifanten (elephants)! No wonder I love this building so much!



16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

  1. I love how central post offices are so grand, they’re almost cathedral-like. It’s just sad that more and more of them have to shut their doors.

    You’re right, however they use this building in the future, they should retain those beautiful architectural details.

  2. What a beautiful space. The repurposing of buildings and preserving of the interiors is very common here in NYC. It’s great that the beauty will be preserved, but unfortunatley, often, the repurposed space isn’t as accessible to the general public as it once was. I know of two banks with lovey ironwork, frescos and mosaics that have been turned into very upscale and exclusive event spaces. If you don’t have and invitation to a fancy party to can’t get inside.

  3. WOW that is one STUNNING Post Office!
    I sincerely hope that the interior is totally protected and that the new occupants continue to preserve the beauty of this building.
    Yes I know, the closing of the Post Offices is a hot issue here in Den Haag (The Hague) too, there’s a big one not too far from us and it’s always *packed* with customers so they can’t ever argue it wasn’t used enough.
    The loss of jobs is also a blow, seems the cutbacks are everywhere, regardless of the fact the people *needed* the jobs and people *needed* the services that the P.O. offered.

  4. It’s sad to learn so many people will be out of jobs. Much like it is here in the USA. Our post offices are closing and delivery time longer. I hope the building is used in a way to preserve its beauty. Great post!

  5. O! I didn´t know this! That´s really a shame.
    At first I couldn´t think of another purpose for this building than a postoffice. But, I believe it can be turned in to another great purpose and still maintain all the great features. For sure, the wont´cover the ceiling with a flat ceiling.

  6. What a truely wonderful building! And I love the angles you found. I also saw some the ones on flicker that show more detail. Beautiful photos.

    The vaulted space reminds me a bit of the Berlage stock exchange building in Amsterdam which I visited last time I was in Holland.

  7. I’m sooo sad, really, I’ve been wanting to take photos of the interior for YEARS but somehow never came round to do it. Yesterday I finally went there with my camera, and it was closed for good! So sad, as it was so stunning…

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