Foto Vrijdag: Points of Interest

Points of Interest
This photo of the Catharijneconvent was taken at the same time and basically the same spot as the photo of the Domtoren I posted yesterday. The setting sun on all of these beautiful architectural details thrilled me. And yes, that is a painted bull’s head on the building to the left. It’s known as the Kleine Vleeshal, or the small meat hall. It is a 15th century building and was used by the butcher’s guild to sell the meat.

4 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag: Points of Interest

  1. Wow, the light brings out the best in the shapes of the buildings, the decoration on the bricks of the church, the textures and the colours…
    This photo has one of my all time favourites of all the ones of yours I’ve seen so far… I LOVE IT!

  2. I always call this the “kikkertoren” (frog tower) since the top bit looks like a cartoon frog from the right angle šŸ™‚

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