Happy Halloween

Plotting, Interrupted
Sadly, Halloween isn’t much of a holiday here. I always loved decorating the house for Halloween, dressing up Pippo, and hoping that we’d have some of the good candy left over after the neighborhood kids came by. I don’t bother with the decorations here, but with two black cats, it’s always Halloween in our house. Especially when I catch them looking as if they’re plotting some sort of horror to inflict upon us. Take this afternoon, when my leg and chest became the location of their reenactment of major battles throughout history. Or maybe they were reenacting the Spanish Inquisition. Either way, I think I have some new scars.

Happy Halloween from Luna, Lola and my bloody self!
Heat Hogs

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. I can’t image October without the ghouls, ghosts, and goblins floating around the neighborhood. My human decorates and has tribute for the doorbell dingers that will keep me barking tonight. If you want some nostalgic party treats to remind you of the season, check the recipes for head of ghost, bat’s eyes, and lady fingers, at the end of my post “Octoweenfest.”

    • Oh, those are all great recipes, especially since I can make them all here! One of the other sad elements of not celebrating Halloween here is that there’s also no candy corn! Sad days!

  2. They have the don’t-mess-with-us look that protected the ancient Egyptians from evil spirits, hahaha! They must be constantly an interesting sight for the bikers passing below your window. 🙂

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